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Indivisible on today’s Supreme Court arguments in anti-LGBTQ discrimination case

This is not the first time that the conservatives on the Supreme Court have invited specious legal challenges in their efforts to distort the meaning of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to grant expansive power to the religious right to discriminate against groups they hate. This is not about religion. This is about hatred and discrimination.

Statement on Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s latest attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar

Since her election to Congress in 2018, Rep. Omar has been subjected to an unparalleled stream of hatred from Republicans and Republican media, from vile smears to threats on her life. All of this has been fueled by Republican leadership, who seek to gain political advantage by weaponizing Islamophobia and bigotry even as they themselves foster anti-semitism within their own ranks.

Indivisible on the Tragedy in Colorado

The Indivisible family is mourning the violence and terror in Colorado Springs over the weekend. But mourning does not mean inaction. A tragedy like this isn't random or shocking--it's an expected outcome of the larger assault on LGBTQ lives propagated by the likes of Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, Lauren Boebert, and others.

Indivisible on Trump’s 2024 Presidential Bid: ‘Apparently Trump is hungry for defeat - and we’ll give it to him.’

We founded Indivisible after Trump’s election in 2016. We then beat his candidates in the 2017 Virginia elections. We then built the largest midterm margins in history of the Republic to beat him again in 2018. We then impeached him in 2019. We then beat him personally in 2020. We then beat his Georgia senate candidates in 2021. And most recently we beat his MAGA candidates in 2022. Apparently Trump is hungry for an umpteenth defeat - and we’ll give it to him.

Indivisible’s Crush The Coup Program Celebrates Initial Results

Indivisible helped fundraise nearly a quarter million dollars for the program, which supported candidates in key battleground states. While results are still coming in, Democrats held a trifecta in Michigan and denied Republicans a supermajority in Wisconsin and North Carolina.