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Group Support Hub

Welcome! This is a special hub just for Indivisible groups. Sustaining an Indivisible group is not easy – and we’re here to help! We’ve developed these resources for you, and with your feedback, to help you focus on the important job of leading your group. This hub includes resources for wherever you are in your organizing journey and for whatever your group is focusing on.

Here you'll find financial support, upcoming calls and trainings, technology to support your work, resources about organizing basics and more!  This hub will be updated often, so we hope you'll visit regularly and share with other Indivisible leaders.

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    New Group Orientation

    Did you start a new Indivisible group? Get introduced to who we are and what support we provide as a national organization.

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    Recruitment Pipeline

    We’ve created an pipeline to help recruit eager volunteers that take digital actions with Indivisible National to your local group.

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    National Campaigns

    Get involved in our national advocacy and electoral campaigns.

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    Use our free technology to better organize your group and make your work more effective.

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    Indivisible Art

    Get access to an array of graphics that support our national campaign work.

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    Building Inclusive Groups Resources

    Review resources about how to build an inclusive group.

    New Updates

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    Everyday Organizing Support

    Find ready-made training packages on common needs/topics that are designed for groups to use independently. Get answers on frequently asked questions on election law, legal structure, and support for common software.

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    How to Manage and Grow Your Group

    Find resources about recruitment, running meetings, building a leadership team, coordinating with other Indivisible groups, and more!

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    Support on Other Tactics

    Press and media can be key to the success of your group's advocacy and actions. Learn more about how to get the media attention as well as best practices for common group tactics.

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    Rural Caucus

    Get involved with our community for rural Indivisibles.

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    BIPOC Caucus

    Get involved with our community for BIPOC Indivisibles.

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    Truth Brigade

    Fight back against disinformation.

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    Update your Group Information

    Make sure your information is current so local activists can connect with your group.

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    Register an Event

    Add your events to the Indivisible map to help interested activists get involved with your group.

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    Contact Us

    We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think about this hub and our overall support programs.

Our group support is informed by local Indivisible group feedback. Send us your thoughts here and participate in our regular surveying.