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The Anti-MAGA Midterm

This was supposed to be MAGA’s triumphant night. It turned into a massive embarrassment. While we’re still awaiting final results, the overall picture is clear: Democrats massively performed the midterm fundamentals.

Indivisible on President Biden’s Abortion Remarks

President Biden laid out the stakes for the 2022 midterm elections in clear terms: If Republicans gain control of Congress, their efforts to strip our fundamental rights away are far from over. And he made a promise that if voters expand our Democratic majority, the first bill he will push Congress to pass will be a bill to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law.

Nine Candidates added to “Give No Ground” Program

Give No Ground provides support and direct grassroots volunteer power to some of the most competitive midterm races in the country. These races are crucial to Democrats maintaining the trifecta power and achieving their agenda in 2023.

Indivisible’s Statement on CR Victory

Today is a huge victory for environmental justice, the planet, and progressive power. This win belongs to frontline communities who lobbied hard to keep this dirty deal out of the CR, and the progressive champions like Rep. Grijalva and the 70 plus House members who fought the dirty deal and Sens. Merkley, Markey, Duckworth, Booker, Sanders, Warren, Cardin, and Van Hollen who opposed the deal in the Senate.