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Making a Majority

We need a Democratic majority to eliminate the filibuster, codify Roe, pass democracy reform and unrig our courts, and continue to build a more fair economy.

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    Reproductive Freedom

    Everyone, everywhere should have the right to seek reproductive health care – and have meaningful access to that care.

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    Protecting Democracy

    Stopping Right-wing SCOTUS justices from stripping our rights and engaging in increasingly corrupt behavior must be a priority.

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    Economic Justice

    We need to reshape our economy so workers and families can thrive, not just the ultrawealthy and big corporations.

  • Making a Majority
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    A Winning Democratic Brand

    When Democrats fight for our shared values they can win.

    To eliminate the filibuster, codify Roe, pass democracy reform, unrig our courts, and continue to build a more fair economy, we need to build a broad coalition of voters that support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. And building a strong coalition starts with solidifying a strong Democratic brand that creates contrast with the MAGA Agenda.

    We have to push our Democratic candidates and elected officials to embrace a consistent, popular, and populist Democratic identity - they can't be beholden to corporate influence or status quo bias.

    We saw in the last Congress that when even a small number of Democrats are loyal to protecting powerful interests, it undermines necessary legislative efforts, and diminishes voters’ trust in Democrats. We can’t let that happen again. 

    Building Our Coalition

    Indivisibles in blue districts have a critical role to play in the 2024 election to regain a Trifecta that can meaningfully govern and deliver the policies we need to support a multiracial democracy and inclusive economy. We must push Democratic leaders and candidates to fiercely fight for voting rights and our democracy, champion popular issues that show the stark contrast between them and the MAGA extremists vying for their seat, and build deep ties to grassroots activists they represent. 

    And there’s no time to waste - election denying, authoritarian, MAGA extremists still have a clear path to power. 

    That’s why we’re building Indivisible’s 2024 Agenda that Democrats can unite around and run on in 2024 and –once we win back a Trifecta – deliver on in 2025. We already know that our agenda is focused on fighting for our democracy, our personal freedoms, and everyday people’s economic well being. 



  • Reproductive Freedom
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    Protecting Our Personal Reproductive Freedoms

    The extreme SCOTUS decision to strike down Roe v. Wade and overturn the constitutional right to abortion care was a galvanizing moment for millions of people. It drove them to the polls and contributed to the Democratic overperformance in the 2022 midterms.

    We know that this is a winning issue, so we need all Democrat Members of Congress to sign on to legislation that defends, and expands, our reproductive freedom.

  • Protecting Democracy
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    Protecting Democracy

    The Right-wing SCOTUS justices continue to strip away our rights while engaging in increasingly outrageous corruption and unethical behavior. We need Democrats to take action to unrig our courts and protect our democracy.

    Encourage your Member of Congress to sign on to the Judiciary Act to combat the right-wing capture of the court, and the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act (SCERT) to prevent unethical and corrupt behavior from the justices.

  • Economic Well Being
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    Everyday People’s Economic Well Being

    Our economy should work for everyone, but for decades, economic policy was designed to benefit the ultrawealthy and big corporations. But President Biden and Democrats in Congress have been working to reshape our economy so workers and families can thrive.

    Now it’s up to us to help spread the word in our communities and tell the story of how this new, inclusive economy benefits us all. Of course, the work isn’t done, so we need Democrats to double-down on policies that support our families and communities.