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Building Political Power

The American Rescue Plan, Explained

President Biden’s signature COVID relief bill is now law. Read on to learn what’s in it, what got left out, and how your MoCs voted on this critical legislation.

Post National Endorsement Planning

Congratulations! Your local group has just secured a national endorsement for an awesome candidate. But now what? While this is an incredibly important step, Indivisibles know that just simply saying your group endorses a candidate won’t get them over the finish line. What’s meaningful about an endorsement is the commitment of real work behind it. And together, we will deliver.

Endorsements Guide: Post-Endorsement Planning

To amplify and further the impact of the endorsements of local groups, Indivisible will facilitate a grassroots-driven national endorsement program for federal (U.S. Senate and U.S House) and gubernatorial candidates. Indivisible groups who have undertaken an endorsement process in their district or state can submit a local endorsement for national consideration.

Endorsements Guide: How to Make an Endorsement

This chapter discusses how your Indivisible group can go about making that endorsement: from getting to know a candidate to issuing your endorsement statement, you’ll learn what to do -- and what not to do -- when your group wants to throw its hat into the electoral ring. 

Endorsements Guide: Factors to Consider When Endorsing a Candidate

At the end of the day, you’re endorsing a candidate because you think they’re the best person to hold political office. But making that assessment involves thinking through a lot of factors about who the candidate is, what they stand for, and what their chances are. This chapter reviews key factors your Indivisible group will want to consider.

Endorsements Guide: What Makes Your Group’s Endorsement Powerful

An endorsement is a formal way of signaling and mobilizing your Indivisible group’s support for a candidate. Powerful endorsements are not empty statements, but real commitments that promise concrete actions by your group and members. This chapter goes deeper on what a candidate endorsement is; what the campaign gets from your endorsements; and what your Indivisible group can achieve by using endorsements.

Endorsements Guide: Why Candidates Care About Your Indivisible Group

Whether the candidate is a seasoned campaign professional running for her second term as Governor or a first-timer looking at challenging the incumbent in a local school board race, every campaign relies on the same basic tools and building blocks for success. This chapter explains what your local candidate’s campaign HQ is thinking, and how your Indivisible group factors into their thinking.